Our History

Our story begins in the fabled Valley of Kashmir, renowned for centuries for producing the finest cashmere in the world. Fired by a passion for reviving traditional craftsmanship, our family-run business works with a team of around 50 Kashmiri artisans, whose skills in the craft of weaving and embroidering cashmere shawls and scarves, have been perfected over generations. The outcome was Yarnz, where every yard of fabric used in our collections has been personally curated by us and specially sourced from local weavers and craft-clusters in the Valley of Kashmir.

At Yarnz, our aim is to visually weave the romance, luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, characteristic of the centuries-old art of shawl-making in Kashmir, into our creations. Taking inspiration from our rich cultural heritage and the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of our home, we offer you a selection of the finest hand-woven and hand-embroidered scarves and shawls.

The Yarnz Collection is both original and contemporary, bringing new ideas and innovations to this age-old craft. The result is a unique and effortlessly chic addition to the most celebrated fashion ensembles. Our portfolio of scarf designs - comprising an eclectic variety of elaborate to simple design patterns - provide inspiration for today’s style and design stories. Some of our pieces draw motivation from works of modern art and fashion, while others strike a balance between abstract imagery and stunning displays of nature.